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architetti2Emiliano Della Bella was born in Rome and is an Architecture graduate from the Roman University “La Sapienza”.

He is a member of the Roman Architect Association.

In 2010 he obtained his doctorate in Architectural Design SSD ICAR/17, from the Roman University “La Sapienza”.

In 2010, Mr. Della Bella was appointed head of the Descriptive Geometry course of study within the Roman University “La Sapienza”.

He is also an active member of the Fire Prevention Specialists’ special directory (held by the Ministry of the Interior).

He is involved with MDB&P for any particular case, in which there is a need for a technical evaluation in the field of architecture (i.e. damages on property), or Real Estate appraisals/assessment services),

Since 2011 he has also been a Civil Mediator.

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