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Our bankruptcy representation services both sides of the situation; whether you are a foreign business who is a creditor to a non-paying Italian company and you wish to obtain repayment of debts by placing the debtor into bankruptcy; or you are a company who is being placed into bankruptcy by another company or by your own management.

In Italy a company that is placed in bankruptcy, either by a claim from another company, by its internal staff or by a prosecutor stemming from allegations of illegal activity, the company which is to be bankrupted has a claim of insolvency made against it to the courts with a request that the assets of the company be liquidated to pay the company’s debtors.  The request for placing a company in bankruptcy (insinuazione al passivo) will be heard and any judgement of bankruptcy will be determined by the court.  If granted – the case will end up in court and will be placed under the control of a Bankruptcy Trustee who will apply limits and restrictions on the sale or transference of company assets.

There are many documents to obtain, prepare and file and to make available to the court.  These include the books of the company, loan agreements, certificates of ownership for company assets and much more.

Mike Della Bella and partners are adept litigators which allows our Bankruptcy Attorneys to minimize litigation as much as is avoidable while seeking the best terms for our clients.  Litigation is costly in both time and expense so it can greatly enhance our clients’ returns when time in court is reduced and terms are maximized.

As Italian Bankruptcy Attorneys we are ready to assist in all stages of the bankruptcy process.

If you have questions about Italian bankruptcy procedures or believe that you may be subjected to such filings then we recommend that you contact us for a free consultation to discuss your case.

Contact Mike Della Bella and Partners today to speak about your case: Call +39 06 45478189 or email Mike with the best time and phone number at which to contact you.

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