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Child Custody, Child Visitation & Child-Support

Child Custody

Likely the most important and difficult part of a divorce is the affect it has on children.  If you’re currently, have already or are about to go through a divorce and there are kids involved you need to consider the laws of the States involved and that the separation of the two parents in two different nations can cause one parent or the other to lose custody or for the child to be bounced from one Country to the other for certain periods of time.

Whatever the end result we will work for the best interests of our clients and to make sure that your rights are protected under Italian law.

Fighting for child custody in Italy can be very taxing on both your emotions and finances so it is important to have an attorney who clearly understands the procedures while also understanding the breadth of Family and Child Custody laws in both Italy and Internationally.

In many Countries, including Italy, both parents have shared custody under operation of law meaning that if the father recognizes the child at birth then he has co-custody by default.  This is the same in The USA and other Countries.  However in other Countries the Mother has default custody unless a court order or agreement exists.

This can make it very tricky for some cases where the father has not already established his custody under the law.

We may need to obtain new documents you may not have such as birth records and any foreign custody judgements.

If you have a foreign custody order then we can seek enforcement of that foreign decision in local Italian courts (as well as European courts).

Mike Della Bella and many of our associates speak English fluently and have many years of experience dealing with negotiating, enforcing and litigating for parents seeking visitations with their children as well as child-support and overall child custody.


If you are seeking to receive Child-Support during and after your divorce then it is important to speak about this in advance as there are a lot of documents to obtain and translate.  These can range from the child’s or children’s school documents, medical records, and others.

There are many aspects to consider when seeking child-support such as the financial situation of both parents, the quantity of children, their ages, the costs of living and much more.  It is important to obtain financial records from the other parent and this can be difficult especially when dealing with foreign Countries as you may have to obtain them through the courts of their Country or by a private investigator or otherwise.

Our Child-Support Attorneys can instruct and consult you on when these are needed, which documents are needed and how to obtain them.  Child-support is very important to the health and well-being of the child or children so it is best not to let child-support payments take forever to receive or not at all.

Child Visitation

It can be very difficult not seeing your kids.  Sometimes the other parent refuses to allow you to visit with them and also the expenses of traveling abroad to visit them can be high including the costs of travel, lodging, lost-work, and these costs on top of the costs you pay at home.  Then there is the fact that many times the visiting parent will be required to do only supervised visits at a private institution and this can cost the parent.  We have seen such charges go from 40 Euro per hour up to 120 or more.

MDB&P can help you to seek visitation with your kids in a non-protected or supervised manner and can help to negotiate with the private visitation institutions for a reduced fee.  We can also seek, from the court, the sharing of these fees with the other parent.

There are very many benefits to having a Child Visitation Lawyer who speaks English and who knows the hurdles you’ll face and methods to circumvent them.

Contact us today for a free consolation with Mike Della Bella.  Please give us a call or email us with a good number and time to call you.



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