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If you are seeking to open a business or currently have a foreign business in Italy and you are seeking to hire local Italians or to bring foreign workers into Italy then it is important that you seek counsel as to avoid legal and documentary/bureaucratic pitfalls but also to obtain the best terms in employment contracts as well as available grants and benefits provided for under Italian and European Union laws.

Employers who are seeking to hire Italians can benefit greatly by hiring certain types of employees such as those who have been unemployed or those with disabilities as well as even providing Italian youths (aged 15-29) or our highly experienced seniors over 50.  Also hiring from disadvantaged areas can provide additional benefits to both your company and of course the disadvantaged employee.

Businesses, especially foreign ones, in Italy face very strict rules and regulations in nearly every aspect of doing business.  This includes business establishment, taxes, reporting and documentation, and much more.  This is no less valid than in matters of employment as there are certain requirements that absolutely must be met and certain timelines, specific documents and timings which must be adhered to or the results can be costly.

MDB&P’s English-speaking Labor Layers/Labour Solicitors are experienced in every stage of the business-employee life-cycle from negotiation to employment to retirement to severance of the relationship.

We can represent your business in many aspects from on-the-job injuries, negligence, employee fraud, corporate espionage, mergers and acquisitions, public filings and also we can represent your company in various official meetings with the Italian Labor Board, Chamber of Commerce, Mediation and Arbitration and in all levels of the Italian courts.

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