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English-Speaking International Divorce Lawyers in Italy

Divorce is difficult enough of a process in any Country however it becomes significantly more complex when dealing with two different Countries.

If you wish to divorce an Italian citizen here in Italy or have received divorce papers from an Italian Citizen and are not sure how to proceed, the most important thing is to realize that you require an Italian attorney to represent you in Italian Courts and you need to have a lawyer that speaks English so that you can clearly understand the procedures, laws and many other aspects required.

Divorce proceedings can take time and there are a lot of documents to prepare and translate, especially if they include financial documents (like tax records, leases, ownership documents, etc.), foreign court orders, and many more.

As in any divorce; the court will look at the parties, the elements of the case (such as any criminal histories or complaints) and the financial assets and debts of the two spouses.

Whether the two parties are able to work things out between themselves amicably or whether this needs to go to a trial is a big question.  We can assist with negotiations between you and your Italian or foreign spouse and we can fully litigate a divorce case in trial in front of the courts.

We cannot stress the importance of engaging an English-speaking Divorce lawyer here in Italy as foreign attorneys are not allowed to practice here in Italy while our attorneys are licensed to practice throughout the Country.

Beyond just the separation and divorce there are the issues which arise when there are children involved.  If you have kids and are seeking Child Custody, Child Visitation rights or Child-Support then it is even more important to have an English-speaking family lawyer who can help you.

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