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International Family Law Attorneys

Studio Della Bella excels at Family Law and Juvenile Law with many years of experience in both settling and litigating cases.  Family Law encompasses a variety of different practices including divorce, separation, child custody, alimony, child-support, and more.

There are also certain elements of Family Law which run into the field of Criminal Law such as domestic violence and Child/Juvenile Criminal Law.

Most Family Law issues spring from a romantic relationship or from family issues.  Such issues can be very taxing on the emotions of the parties involved and require care and finesse to provide the best results while protecting the rights of the client.  This is ever more so when children are involved.

International divorces can be complicated when there are either children involved or when there are assets and debts involved.  One party may own property in another Country which may be subject to a claim or one party may live with the children in another Country.

English Speaking Family Law Attorneys

Divorce and Custody agreements in one Country may or may not be recognized in another and it depends on the myriad of treaties and other legal agreements between Countries as well as rules set up by the European Court, the Hague or the U.N., as well as other bodies.

At Studio Della Bella we are well versed in the range of International laws and treaties which govern and which can affect the rights of the parties.

It is vital to have an English-speaking Family Lawyer to assist you as there are laws and agreements in both English, Italian and potentially other languages which may be required while also it is important that your Lawyer speak English well in order to convey your thoughts and to explain to you the procedures and elements of your case and the laws which apply.

When you are seeking to divorce or to have recognized foreign agreements pertaining to your children, contact us for a free consultation.


Mike and his associates at Studio Della Bella have considerable experience in International Divorces and understand the many complexities involved in dealing with both foreign (e.g. USA or UK) and domestic (Italian and EU) jurisdictions.

Divorces are often amicable – where both parties can easily hash out their differences or where the laws are clear and the process is simplified.  However, in most cases divorces are quite complex and can have a very large emotional and financial strain on the parties.

It is important that your International Divorce Lawyer have experience in negotiating settlements, have knowledge of the applicable laws and be strong at litigation when it comes time to for a trial.

WHY You Need an English-Speaking Divorce Attorney in Italy

Because of the difference in both laws and language it is vital to have a divorce lawyer who speaks both languages and understands the processes and procedures as well as the laws applicable in both jurisdictions.

If you are attempting to divorce your spouse in Italy or have received divorce papers and have found that the jurisdiction is here in Italy then you will require an Italian lawyer to represent you if you wish to protect your rights in the divorce.

This is why it is vital to have a divorce lawyer who speaks English.

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Child Custody, Child Visitation and Child-Support

Many divorces involve children and this brings up the elements of custody (where and with whom the child or children will live and under what circumstances and where) and it may also involve enforcement of foreign custody orders or foreign judgements on visitation rights.  If you already received custody (shared or sole custody) from a foreign judge (outside of Italy) then there is a good chance that we can have that foreign custody order recognized in Italy.

Italy however very strongly supports the Mother in many cases, especially where the child or children are young.  We have represented both Mothers and Fathers in such cases and we understand the Italian courts, laws and of course the cultural differences.

We can also fight for your children when it comes to obtaining the necessary Child-Support contributions from the other parent.

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