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English-Speaking Labor Attorney / Labour Solicitor in Italy

Mike Della Bella and Partners (MDB&P) provides specialized representation in labor/labour disputes including settlement negotiations, representation in Italian governmental actions as well as litigation in Italian courts.

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Employment Attorneys/Solicitors in Italy

We also provide significant and beneficial assistance with employment relating to foreign workers (whether within the European Union, European Economic Zone or Schengen Zone) as well as from outside of these (e.g. the United States of America, Australia, etc.).

This may include negotiation of employment contracts which require certain clauses and language for the protection of a potential worker’s rights under Italian and European law while also protecting potential employees from waiving their rights.

Employment Disputes

Many times employees who are currently working in Italy seek redress for violations of their rights or of the fiduciary duty held by their employer.

MDB&P’s Employment Lawyers/Solicitors are expertly trained and highly experienced in resolving such disputes without necessitating litigation by furthering advanced negotiations based on a keen knowledge of the statutes and codes (e.g. Italian Codes and acts, European Labor Laws) and on the varied governmental agencies which oversee such disputes.

We can also assist in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and should official mediation be required we can advise and represent our clients for the best outcome.

If you have an employment dispute which you would like advice on please give us a call or email us for a free consultation: Tel.: +39 06 45478189

Employment Visas for Foreign Workers in Italy

If you are a non-EU or non-Schengen citizen and are seeking to work with an Italian or Italian-based company then you will require a visa.  There are many hoops through which to jump and many varied costs associated with applying for and obtaining such visas.  Furthermore there are prerequisites for applying for Work Visas in Italy.

Our English-speaking Employment Lawyers/Solicitors are able to help you avoid the pitfalls and red-tape that bureaucracy most commonly causes within the system.

Having the right counsel when it comes to the process of obtaining your Italian work visa can save you time, stress and considerable expense.


Negotiation of Employment Contracts

Under Italian law (Italian Civil Code “ICC”) there are specific protections for employees and certain obligations on the part of the employer.  However not all foreigners who seek to work in Italy are subordinate employees.  Others come here to work in an entrepreneurial way as a self-employed worker while others arrive in Italy to do business as Commercial Agents.  Such varied forms of employment are covered in the ICC under Articles 2222 for self-employed and 2094 for subordinate employees).

Employees in Italy are guaranteed certain things by the State such as maternity leave (congedo di maternità), sick days, paid vacation, severance (trattamento di fine rapporto “TFR”), healthcare access, as well as legal protections against abuse by employers relating to firing, compensation, working-conditions, fraud and more.

When it comes to employment contracts in Italy there can be many devils in the details and knowledge of the law and of the norms can provide a potential employee with a significant advantage in the negotiating stages.

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